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About us

 中国福彩网双色球guiz www.mibeoj.com.cn Hlongmed Medical Device Service Group is the Professional leader of Medical Device Regulatory Partner, CRO/CRA/SMO/CRC Partner, and The Most Reliable Medical Device Overall Solution Services Provider.

In 2018, a new company was founded in Ireland, the main service of this company is to act as authorized representative. So far, Hlongmed has nine subsidiaries or Branch in USA, Spain, Ireland, HK, Beijing,Chengdu, Changsha and Wuhan and one Institute in Shenzhen. 
Over 1200 domestic and international medical device enterprises, Authorized parties, hospitals, NB and NGO have entrusted Hlongmed services.

Our new company that was founded in Ireland is named NEO HEALTHIES LTD. The services of us include: European Authorized Representative; Outsourcing of product design and development; China and EU Enterprise Association and Business Grafting; China and EU project transfer and investment; China and EU Human Resources Services;China and EU Medical Device Industry Personnel Training and Exchange services; Business Cooperation; Activities about Certificate of Free Sale. So why NEO HEALTHIES LTD. is your best choice? First, Hlongmed invest directly, which ensure that the service is continuous and stable; Second, with the support of Hlongmed Medical Device Service Group, the services of us will be more Professional and trustworthy; Third, Ireland is one of the remaining English speaking countries in the EU, ensuring smooth and transparent communication and reducing unnecessary regulatory risks. Fourth, we will provide Chinese and English language services, which will guarantee that communication is smooth and timely. 

With rich Experiences in Clinical trial, regulatory compliance and process excellence, Hlongmed team have established Long-term friendly relationship with clinical trial sites, NB, competent Authorities, Test Lab, Associations, Investor, IP and Law servicers.